Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Get Out Of Trouble

If Nicholas ever needs to get out of being punished for something, he just needs to flash me this smile:

Or give me this "Who? Me?" face:

Seriously, who is this kid? He brings me so much joy. Currently he is zonked out on the floor. He's either teething or growing. Either way, this is his sweet little self:

It amazes me that even though I am with him almost every second of every day, I can't get enough of him. Especially now that his favorite pastimes are giggling and sucking on as many toes as he can cram into his mouth. I know that the whole temper-tantrum and giving me attitude stages will come, but I am loving this season we're in. It's a good thing I don't believe in karma because otherwise I would be terrified that one day Nicholas is going to sass me like the snotty teenage girl I once was. I love you Mom! Thanks for loving me despite my ability to string together disrespectful and mean words. There was many a door slammed in my house during those awful teenage years. Yikes.

Here's to wonderful mommies like mine and cheerful, big-cheeked babies!


  1. Hi! I came over from Casey's blog :)...your son has such a sweet face! Love your blog!

  2. Favorite picture: zonked out with belly exposed!

  3. Thanks Steph :) His belly is my favorite!


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