Monday, March 26, 2012

You Know You're A Dad When...


I've loved watching my husband evolve into a father. He's goofier, more protective, and even more amazing now that he's a dad. I love listening in on his interactions with Nicholas as he changes his diapers and makes up the silliest songs about chubby legs and smelly diapers. Inspired by my husband, here is:

You Know You're A Dad When...

- You carry your child by their overalls (and unconsciously give your wife a heart attack.)

- You make up rap songs about your baby's everyday accomplishments: "Yo my name is Nicholas and I just blew a bubble, I better not spit up or else I'll get in trouble."

- Explosion sound effects and several types of dog barks become your go-to to get your child to laugh.

- You are ready to do bodily harm to anyone who seems suspicious and is in close proximity of your child.

- Those dorky nursery rhymes that you swore you never knew the lyrics to? You can't help humming them as you try to calm down your crying baby.


- "Guys Night" has turned into holding your son in one arm and a video game controller in the other.

I'd love to hear about what funny/sweet things your man has done now that he's a dad!

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