Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break As A Mom

Aaah, vacation. This last week the missions training school we work with was on spring break, so it was a wonderful week of spending a lot of time as a family. It's funny how as a mama, "vacations" are not like they used to be. I have to admit that spring break wasn't too different from a normal week for me. As a (mostly) stay at home mom you can't take a week off of work when your work is your kiddo! But compared to the lazy weeks I used to spend on break, being a mom is a lot more fun.

Us Byersdorfs are real adventurers. We go crazy on our vacations. (Note the sarcasm.) Our not-too-eventful but nonetheless fun-filled week was consisted of:

Baking! I took the time to try a few new recipes like mini-muffins and brownies bites in my new mini-muffin tin. Usually when I cook or bake, Nicholas sits in his bouncy seat in the kitchen and watches me. Last night I (being the super cool mom that I am) entertained him with my old cheerleading moves as the brownie bites were cooling. Someone thought that was very funny. I didn't think it was funny as much as I was reminded of how un-flexible I am and how, no matter how long it's been since I was a cheerleader, I will always remember my high school fight song. I can't believe I'm admitting that. Nerd alert.

A day date to Whitefish! We live about 45 minutes away from the cute resort town so we decided to grab lunch, do a little thrift store shopping, and have some coffee & frozen yogurt at the Red Caboose. This little cafe is so cozy and the decor was amazing.


We tuckered Nicholas out after a long day in Whitefish. He also might have been pretending to sleep so that he could ignore Brian and I rocking out to Bruno Mars on the drive to...and from Whitefish. We are really cool.


There was lots of time snuggling with this guy:

IMG_1082.JPG IMG_1046.JPG

And serious amounts of fat little toes being forced into this little ones mouth. Holding his feet and shoving his toes into his mouth is his new form of entertainment. I guess it could be worse.


There were a few at home movie nights, dinner out with friends, and more than a few White Collar episodes on Netflix. I'm a little sad to say that tomorrow is the last day of our break, but it was a fun week. I'm excited to celebrate Good Friday and Easter this next week! We have such a loving God.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! If you live in a place where sunshine means that it's actually warm out, go enjoy it! (And I'm jealous of you.) If you live in a place like Montana where sunshine means that it's still freezing out, enjoy a cup of coffee while you look out of the window.


  1. I wrote a similar post about my spring break a couple of weeks ago. Funny how things change! Oh, and I love my mini-muffin pan! Just made zucchini tots Friday night in them! So good. As an interesting note, I don't actually have a regular muffin pan. Just the mini and large one. Not sure how that happened...:)

  2. Zuchinni tots- that sounds so good! If you have a good recipe, leave me a comment! I'd love to try that!


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