Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pint-Sized Travel: Chubby babies and awkard moments on the plane

Nicholas and I had a wonderful trip to Seattle! We went to go see his newest cousin, my nephew Ralphie, who was born in February. It was great to see family and hold lots of babies. We also had professional pictures taken of all 4 boys (my sister's boys, Nicholas, and Ralphie), so you bet I will be sharing those pictures soon.

Can I just say that Nicholas is officially extremely chubby? Because it's true. Somehow my son at 3 months weighs more than I did at a year old. Even his fingers and feet are getting chunkier. It's the best. Check out these chubby hands and feet! And thighs.


That is my arm underneath him, his arm is not that huge. Look at that wrist fold. Love it.

photo (10)

Because of my pint-sized-ness, there have been many an awkward moment while flying with Nicholas. Please let me share some of them with you.

- While flying to Seattle for Christmas (with Brian and Nicholas), Brian wanted me to find out when families with children could board the plane. I marched up to the gate desk and asked one of the Alaska employees, "when can children board?" I wish I could have captured the tortured look on this man's face. I quickly realized that he couldn't figure out if I was asking him that question because I was a child, or because I had a child. So I blurted out "Baby! I have a baby." Nice one.

- In order to get from the gate to the tarmac to board the plane, I had to go down 2 flights of stairs. Nicholas was in his stroller, so I requested to take the elevator down to the tarmac. An Alaska employee and an elderly couple joined me as we got in the elevator. This sweet older man asked me, "How old is your baby?" I told him that he was 3 months, and then he asked, "Well how old are you?" I smiled and answered, "24." His wife leans over to me and says "We thought you were much younger!" The older man then blurts out, "We thought you were in 8th grade! Wow!" I get that a lot.

- An entire flight with my feet not touching the floor. Makes holding a baby, nursing a baby, and generally all things having to do with sitting on a plane quite awkward.

- Changing an incredibly messy diaper at 30,000 feet. I must say I am quite proud of myself, and thankful to the airline for putting me next to an empty seat. Not everyone can say they've changed a poopy diaper while sitting buckled on an airplane.


  1. one time when we were flying home from seattle i nursed rachel just before taking off. she was almost a year old, so she didn't put up with the nursing cover very well. instead, i just nursed her with a receiving blanket covering as best i could. right when she was wiggling around and bumped the blanket out of the way, a boy who was in a class i used to TA for at byu walked passed us and said hi. it was pretty awkward for him when he saw that i was nursing. oh well!

  2. That is so awkward! I felt awkward for you while reading that! I had a similar experience with a male flight attendant checking to see if my seat belt was fastened while I was nursing.


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