Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pint-Sized & Pregnant #4: How to Make Some Extra Cash While Your Wife is in Labor

Have you ever met anyone who has made a Craigslist deal while their wife was in labor? Well, I have. Let me introduce you to my husband, who I have dubbed the Craigslist King. Brian is one of those guys who can pretty much buy or sell anything on Craigslist. When our friends or colleagues need to sell/buy something on Craigslist, they consult with Brian first. If you could get a degree in Craigslist-ing, Brian would have his masters. He mostly deals electric guitar gear, but he dabbles in other areas as well.

The day that I was in labor with Nicholas was a really long day (about 20 hours of labor followed by a c-section.) My mom and Brian were in the hospital room with me as I breathed through my contractions, sat on the birthing ball, and walked the halls. That week Brian had been trying to sell some guitar gear on Craigslist. This item was a bit of a hard sell, so when someone finally wanted to buy it, Brian jumped at the chance. I wanted him to bring our luggage inside from the car, so while he was pulling our luggage out of the car he also made $150 by selling his guitar pedal box.

Most wives would be annoyed, but hey, kids are expensive! So why not sell something while your wife is in labor and make some extra cash? (Don't worry, he already had the guitar pedal box in the car, so the transaction literally took 5 minutes. He came right back with our luggage. I didn't care at all because my mom was with me and it's not like Brian sitting next to me would make the pain go away.) I was still in early labor and he was getting antsy, so it was probably good for him to get some fresh air.

Moral of the story: if you are making a list of what to pack for the hospital, add "something to sell on Craigslist." You never know when an opportunity to make some money is going to arise!

While this story is very true, I only kid about Brian as a joke. I am not into husband bashing! He is an extremely attentive and loving father and husband. He would have never left the hospital room if I had asked him not to. He's more committed to me than he is to Craigslist. :) For the first 3 days after we had Nicholas he changed every diaper and was constantly helping me and Nicholas. I have quite the man!




  1. brian might get a kick out of this ksl add for a car:

    ksl is basically like craigslist, but it's more popular here than craigslist is.

  2. That was delightfully funny. Thanks my friend :)


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