Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pint-Sized Moments: When your 2-year-old nephew can look you in the eye...almost.

Meet my nephew Mack.


The picture above was taken when he was around 1. Isn't he just beautiful? Those are blueberry stains, don't go getting any ideas.

He turns four in two does time go so fast? He's the first grandchild in my family and he fills a very special place in my heart.


The following picture is of him and I at the mall around Christmas time, when he was 2. Not kidding.


So at 2 years old, my nephew is literally almost as tall as me. I'm pretty sure it will take Nicholas a little longer than Mack to catch up to me, but this picture is a snapshot of my future. I hope Nicholas gets used to explaining why he's almost as tall as his mama.

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