Friday, March 23, 2012

Mama Must-Haves: Spring Break!

Brian is on spring break this week! He's been working his buns off with school the last 2 quarters, so I'm excited for some rest and some family time. This also means that I'm getting out of the house today!!! If you are a mom, you'll know just how exciting that can be sometimes. Our car has been in the shop, so I have pretty much been stuck in my house for 2 weeks. Baby and I have taken a few walks to see friends and I went to the grocery store by myself (I was ALONE for 20 minutes. I forgot what that was like.) But besides that Nicholas and I have been at home. Today our family is "going to town" - which means driving 25 minutes to the land of Target, TJ Maxx, and grocery stores. It's really quite dumb how excited I am, but I don't care!

My boys. I just love these two so much!


Here's a few things that I am loving this moment or that are on my wish-list:

- My favorite time-saving eyeshadow palette from Sephora. It has 4 complementary eyeshadow colors and 1 matte liner all in one, which makes it super easy to just grab a brush and throw it on. No guessing about what will go well together. I use this everyday because it's so fast and simple.

- What a cute idea! A "Names and Faces Book" for your kids to learn to recognize loved ones. Since we live 8 hours away from our families, this would be great for Nicholas to remember his aunties, uncles, and grandparents.

- A ready to go Easter Dinner Menu from Mel's Kitchen Cafe. I am not so awesome in the menu planning department, so this would be a big help for anyone like me!

- 17 habits of very happy moms. A way to get out of the "I've been in my house all day wearing sweats and no makeup and covered in spit-up" rut.

- Denim shorts & suspenders from H&M. Baby version. If only Nicholas was big enough to wear these this summer.

- I have a slight obsession with baby tank tops. In my book, grown men are NOT allowed to wear them, but babies must wear them. I can't wait until summer.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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