Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Few Things I've Learned From Being A Mom...

This is me exploiting my son's cuteness as he cries. I'm sure I'll pay for this later. Gosh he was so little! This is him at 1 month.


A few things I've learned from being a Mom:

- People who take afternoon naps are not weak. They are people who want others to enjoy being around them.

- The less time I take to style my hair means I get more time to kiss and snuggle my little one.

- My mother is and always has been the ultimate rockstar.

- Eating meals "on time" is overrated.

- A giggle or smile from my son is the cure for any bad mood.

- So is ice cream.

- Life is less about having everything presented perfectly and more about the quality of your relationships.

- Small accomplishments are worth celebrating! (i.e. when your child is finally able to lift their adorably large head off of the ground by themselves or when you fit into a pair of jeans that doesn't say "Maternity" on them.)

- My husband is amazing. Really amazing.

- I'm pretty buff. The proof? Carrying my delightfully chubby child in one arm.

- Babies love the Beach Boys. At least when I sing their songs.

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