Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Pint-Sized Mama's Baby

Hey guys, Nicholas here. My mom's been bugging me to do a guest post on this blog for a little while so today I will share with you what a day in my life looks like.

The day usually starts with Mom pulling me out of my crib with a grunt (apparently I'm kind of heavy for her). We go to the couch and have some breakfast.

Then I try to charm my Mother for a little while. I know she can't resist my cheeks and my smile, so I milk those for all their worth. (Milk - get it?)


Next is some time in the bouncy chair. My mom thinks that I kick all the time when I'm in the chair because I'm having so much fun, but really I just do it because it makes her laugh and say really silly things to me. If she could only see herself...gosh, my Mom embarrasses me sometimes.


After that my Mom usually puts me in my Bumbo seat while she cooks or cleans.


Right now me and Mom are working on me holding my own head up. It's, uh, kind of large. But I'm pretty secure about my image, I get told how cute I am about 300 times a day, so I guess my big head doesn't hinder my looks. She also makes me do "tummy time" to work on my neck muscles, but I hate it! Who wants to lay on the ground when you could be sitting up and exploring the world?

I also spend about 50% of the day chewing on my hands or on my little giraffe friend Sophie. Who knew fingers could taste so good?


After eating some more and maybe a nap or two, Mom decides to take me for a walk. I love going outside and seeing all of my friends. I am very popular you know! We go to get coffee, see some friends, or to get the mail.

I liked riding in this baby front pack thing. I sure do look a lot taller when my Mom is carrying me! She's almost as small as I am, does she realize that?I can't wait for the day that I'm taller than her, I don't think it will take too long! We have to sit down a lot when I'm in here because Mom's back gets tired.


I also spend lots of time playing with my Dad. We take silly pictures together, I dance to his cool beat-boxing, and he makes me giggle a LOT! My Dad is just so funny, I laugh all of the time for him. But not so much for Mom...maybe she's not as funny as Dad is.

photo (13)

After all that activity, I usually conk out on my Mom. It's a hard, busy life being a baby, but someone's gotta go do it.

photo (7)

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