Monday, February 20, 2012

What I learned while being pint-sized and pregnant

First of all I just have to share how good Butterfinger ice cream is. You all need to go out, buy some, and try it. It is like heaven in your mouth.

This is my beautiful sister in law, Anca. She and my brother had her sweet baby Ralph almost 2 weeks ago! (Side note - between me and my husband's families, there were 5 new babies in the last 5 months.) We are posing with our baby bellies. Mine could have it's own zip code.

I promise you, that is my real baby belly, there is nothing hidden under my shirt.

2011-11-06 at 11.03.00

Now onto the real topic: what I learned from being such a tiny pregnant person. Because I'm so short people often think I'm as young as 14 or 15. I don't blame them, I do look quite young. By the end of my pregnancy I couldn't wear my wedding ring either, so to most people I looked like a 16 year old unwed mother. Let me tell you, I got some pretty substantial stares as I waddled around Target with this giant baby attached to my front. I tried to brush it off, but it did get to me a few times when I knew that people were judging me. They were judging me for something that #1 wasn't true and #2 I couldn't do anything about.

The first few times this happened, I was frustrated. It is so easy to look at a person for one second and make a judgment about them, whether you know their story or not. Then I realized that I do the very same thing. The Lord used this experience in my life for me to understand what it felt like to be wrongly judged. He also spoke to me that it is not ok to judge other people, especially when I don't know them or what they are walking through in their life.

As far as perfect people go, I am in the bottom percent. But I want to learn from this experience how to believe the best about other people. When I meet someone for the first time or hear something about another person, I want to put away what I might think and simply ask. Ask them about their life, ask how I can pray for them, and ask God what I can learn from them. Every person has something to offer. Every person has a beautiful story that they are living. It's my job to ask about that story, not to make one up for them.

I am sorry if Christians have judged you, and I am sorry for being judgmental myself. I look to the perfect example who loved people simply for who they were. Jesus loved and spent time with people who others shunned and thought were worthless. If I want to represent Jesus, then I need to do the same.

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