Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Growing Up Pint-Sized: How My Parents Saved My Life & Used A Kleenex AsMy Bedsheet

Now that I'm a mother, I realize how difficult some moments of raising me must have been. I can't imagine how hard it would have been to watch me be different than everyone else. From the moment I was born, I was significantly smaller than every person my age. I was 2 and a half pounds, my twin brother was 5 pounds. By age 13 I had stopped growing, and was the same height as the typical 9 or 10 year old girl (still am!) There were many times when I was made fun of, stared at, and talked about. But I believe that the way my parents raised me saved me from drowning in insecurity.

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My parents could have coddled me, kept me inside to keep from getting hurt, and in doing so probably would have made a huge mistake. I am so thankful that they didn't! My parents always treated me just like my other siblings. My twin brother and I were never compared to one another, and I was always encouraged to do anything I wanted to. They prayed for me, challenged me, and blessed me. They encouraged me to play sports, join student council, be active in my youth group, have friends, go on missions trips, and seek the Lord. My mom always grew up calling me "Perfectly Mackenzie." I may not have been perfect, but I was perfectly me.

I remember being about 7 and playing on my soccer team. I was so skinny I would have to wear a jacket underneath my uniform because I would get too cold. I was also a fireball and wanted to get in on the action! It was a rule on our team that everyone would try playing goalie. I remember standing in between the two flags, ready for these girls who were huge (compared to me) to come kick a ball at me while I stood there shivering. I'm imagining my parents standing on the sidelines, praying that I wouldn't get trampled. I ended up being a pretty good soccer player and winning a state championship with my team.

I will say that my mom did fudge the growth chart sometimes. My twin and I loved to stand at the growth chart and see who was taller. It wasn't long before this activity ended up with me bursting in to tears every time. So I don't mind that sometimes my mom would draw my line just a teensy bit higher than she should have.

Thank you Mom and Dad! You didn't let me succumb to insecurity. You held me when I was made fun of, fought for me when I needed it, and ultimately, let me become myself in a loving environment. I owe so much to you.

I will leave you with this: last night my mother told me that "we used Kleenex's as a sheet on your tiny bed." While that's not true, it's incredibly funny. It's important to make fun of yourself sometimes.


  1. we weren't small, everyone else was just abnormally tall :-)

  2. I like that viewpoint :) Thanks Jessie!

  3. Thank you Casey! I love seeing your growing family, praying for your pregnancy!


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