Sunday, February 19, 2012

Customizing a Changing Table for Pint-Sized Mamas

A changing table at the right height is a must for a tiny mama! My resourceful husband Brian customized this changing table for me. I feel a bit silly saying the word "customize" since that leads one to think that this was some big project. Really it was the easiest DIY project for a baby's room ever, with only 2 steps.



We bought this changing table on Craigslist (since changing tables are ridiculously expensive to buy brand new.) It was a pretty oak color but I wanted it to pop! The only problem with it was that it was about 4 inches too tall for me - there were 4 inch legs below the bottom shelf of the table. It would have been really awkward and hard on my back to lift my babe onto the table and change him. (I'm imagining holding my arms at shoulder height and trying to corral a wiggly baby. I don't think so.)

How we did it:

1. Brian used a circular saw to chop the legs off of the changing table, and voila! It was the perfect height for me.

2. He then sanded down the solid wood parts of the table and used 2 cans of Valspar spray paint in Satin Tropical Foliage. He made sure to evenly coat each surface with paint.

3. He left the changing table outside on our porch to dry overnight, and it was finished. Probably the easiest DIY project we did for Nicholas's room. I love my changing table!

Honestly, I use this changing table every day! Because of being so small, my back gets pretty sore when I bend over too often. I love having this table at the correct height to let my little guy wiggle on. What's even better is that the changing table is Nicholas's favorite place in the house! Odd, I know, as baby's usually hate being changed. But as soon as I lay him on the mattress pad, his little legs start wiggling and he gives me a huge grin!

I LOVE the 2 matching baskets on the bottom. They are Michael Graves Jumbo Bins from Target. They are long and deep, a neutral color, and a good price for how sturdy they are. I got mine on sale too!

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