Friday, May 29, 2015

an apology to my second child, and 6 ways he makes our hearts melt

I started this blog when my Nicholas was 3 months old -- now he's 3 and half! It was "back in the day" when Instagram was not a huge deal, and people blogged a few times a week. So Nicholas had letters written to him, monthly updates, and the whole mommy blogger shebang.

Fast forward three years, and my poor, sweet little second child is pretty much non-existent on this blog. I'm sorry Rainier! You're 13 months old, and you have 5 blog posts about you. FIVE! So it goes with the second kiddo I guess, and with the fact that blogging as frequently as we all used to has become a way of the past.

But, the lack of blogging about you, Rainy Roo, has nothing to do with your status in our family. This Rainier of ours is the cuddly, joyful, big-eyed joy of a little brother and all of us, including Nick, adore him. So to sorta make up for your serious lack of real estate on my blog, here are:

6 Ways that Rainier Makes Our Hearts Melt

1. YOUR EYES. Those BIG, wide, blue eyes of yours have got some magic in them. It is not an exaggeration whatsoever to say that we get stopped in public almost every time we go out, by someone commenting on your eyes. They also happen to melt hearts everywhere, with how expressive they are. Those eyes are going to get you in trouble with the ladies someday, my boy -- and I guess your Dad will have to teach you how to fend the ladies off, because those eyes of his are what got me, too.

2. That raspy voice of yours. You've always had a low little coo, and now your first words are coming out a bit gruff and raspy, and it is stinkin' adorable. As of this month, you YELL "DaDa!," and you growl "Grampa." You're taking your time with "Mama," but that's ok because I know I'm your favorite.

3. Please never stop cuddling, ok? The feeling of your chubby, dimpled hand, softly stroking my chin and grabbing the hair on the nape of my neck as you nurse - I wish I could bottle that up. Your favorite "move" right now when we're holding you is to throw your arms to your sides and nuzzle your head into our necks and just lay there limp. It's funny and sweet, just like you.

4. Your fake cry is ON POINT. It's both hilarious and a little terrifying.

5. The giggles and exciting, stomp-y walk that comes out of you when you see your Daddy. There's nothing else like watching you walk to him when he gets home from work. The raspy babbles come out, your feet pad down our hallway with your arms up in the air, and you cling to him like you'll never let him go.

6. You and Nicholas are thick as thieves, and I pray to the Lord that this never changes. You're happiest when your big brother is in the room and the giggle-filled wrestling matches have begun. It's a JOY to watch you guys love each other!

We love you Rainer Caleb. Watching you become who you are is a gift from God, and we simply cannot imagine our family without you. Thanks Jesus for letting me be this boy's mama.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

"all or nothing," I'm calling your bluff

I'm beginning to wonder if having an "all or nothing" attitude is actually the opposite of walking in grace.

You're either one way, or you're another. I'm an awesome mom, or I'm seriously the worst because I had a crabby few hours and yelled at my 3-year-old again. I'm going to exercise EVERY DAY! or, I'll just watch another episode of Netflix and lay on my couch because I just never exercise and I'll probably never change. (Imagine me saying the italicized part in a super dramatic voice, with my hands flinging around in the air.) And when it comes to making goals -- I tend to either a) aim really high, try it, fail, and then scrap it all, or b) I quit before I even start, because my (self-imposed) standards are too high and even the idea of failure makes me feel like a failure.

You're welcome for the peek inside my neurotic brain. Brian, you win for the husband of the century.

"All or nothing" leaves no room for error. If you're on the "all" side - where you've experienced a little victory in your life or you're hopeful about something new - "all or nothing" leads you to the frantic charade of keeping those plates spinning, because God forbid you can't keep that good thing going. And if you're on the "nothing" side, well, you should probably just stay there because you're going to screw it up again.

Do you see how enslaving this attitude can be? We can't truly live this way. We may try new things, but with a constant fear of "what if I fail?" We might recite to ourselves that "God's mercies are new every morning," but then we end counting the minutes until we (even minorly) blow it, and then it's all "See, self?!"

I'm starting to learn that grace is the antidote to "all or nothing."

Romans 5:8 says ,"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." We were loved at our worst. I'd say then, that we're pretty safe to fail.

Because of grace, I am free to fail and I am free to succeed. I can fail because there's no need to earn my way back to being in God's good graces; I'm still there. I've always been there. And I can succeed, because my identity isn't in jeopardy either way; I'm loved by God and my actions have never changed that.

So I'm beginning to see that I feel the most free to grow, to experiment with new things, and to work towards making changes in my life, when the target is wide. When I make my margin of success a little bigger, when I get comfortable with the fact that messing up is often part of the process -- I'm actually able to follow through. And though this often feels counter intuitive to the shoot for the stars! kick ass and take names! accept nothing but the best! mantras we feed ourselves, I'm calling a bluff on "all or nothing." I'm not settling for extremes anymore; I'm going to let Jesus handle being perfect, and I'm going to walk in the freedom of His grace.

When I walk in grace, I'm not settling for less; actually, I'm freeing myself up for more. More joy, more life. More truly experiencing, and hopefully handing out to others, the freedom that comes with being loved by an unfailing God. And actually, with grace, I now feel totally free to shoot for the stars. I can ask God for His power in me to be all that He created me to be, as a wife and a mom, a friend, and all the other dreams and roles that He's given me. Because with grace, if I stumble, I can learn and get back up - instead of just throwing in the towel, which is where "all or nothing" usually leaves me. Grace compels us to be who God really made us to be, because there's no fear in being perfectly loved. Grace gets us to stand back up after we fall. Grace says, "You don't have to be an expert! Just move forward in the power of Christ." Grace takes the sting out of weakness, because the standard of perfection has already been fulfilled by Christ.

Oh how glad I am that we don't have to be slaves to "all or nothing," because of the every day, every minute reality of God's steadfast grace.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

my first honest company purchase -- and why, on a tight budget, I'm a regular customer 13 months later :: an honest story

Don't let the giant belly scare you. Because honestly it scares me.

In March 2014, I was 8 months pregnant, and my then toddler pranced around our living room and unknowingly kicked over an entire mug of coffee - all over my cream-colored carpet. I quickly (can women who are 8 months pregnant do anything "quickly?") sopped up as much of the liquid as I could, but it was obvious that the carpet was going to hold a strong reminder of my latte. So like anyone wanting to remove a stain before it becomes permanently imbedded into your carpet, I ran to my kitchen cupboard and grabbed a carpet stain remover.

It was probably a sight to see my swollen belly grazing the floor, as I bent down on my hands and knees, alternately spraying carpet cleaner and then blotting with a rag. After less than a minute of working to get the stain out, I was incredibly dizzy, completely nauseous, and legitimately close to passing out. It wasn't just the big belly; the smell and fumes from my carpet cleaner were so strong.

I slowly sat up, stopped spraying, and looked at the bottle in my hand. We lived on a VERY tight budget - but did that mean my only option was a stain remover that quite literally made me sick? I'm not a healthy-living extremist and at that point I owned maybe one natural cleaning product, but I knew in that moment I needed to find safer alternatives to what was currently sitting under my kitchen sink. The idea of my babies crawling around on that carpet - yikes.

That same afternoon I made my first Honest Company purchase -- their Stain Remover.

Now, that sweet baby is a year old (eep!), and during this past year I've tried quite a few of the Honest Company's products. To be perfectly honest (pun so not intended) there have been one or two products that I've felt a little meh about -- but I've loved every other product - and I've been so impressed by the helpfulness of their customer service whenever I've had an issue. So if I share about the Honest Co. from time to time, you can know that I'm not a robot; I'll be honest. (Another's hard to avoid that!)

I love that I know what's in each bottle. I love that when Nicholas "helps" me wash our windows, he's not inhaling a bunch of fumes. I super love that while we're still on a pretty darn tight budget, I can actually afford organic baby Shampoo + Body Wash and Oxy BoostI love that these products work really well. And hello organic Toothpaste that doesn't taste like you're sucking on plain baking soda.

So that's a bit of my Honest Co. story. I'm a regular customer, not because natural living is trendy, but because I can keep my babies and my home clean, in a safe way, and on a real person's budget. And for the record, the stain remover kicked that coffee stain's booty.


This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission - but there is no extra cost to you! I genuinely love these products, and I've shared about them quite a few times in non-affiliate posts because I'm such a fan :) So these opinions really are my own.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

nine notes

Eep! It's been almost a month since my last blog post - can you tell it's been a crazy month? There's been many nights and naptimes when my fingers are aching to type and my heart is dying to spill out onto a blank page, but growing kiddos and a few deadlines and trying to spend more time with my hot husband have won out. So here's a little catch up on the last month, in the form of nine notes.

1. The main thing March and April have been full of are these guys. They really do make my world go 'round. This picture is from Easter, and I can't stop staring at those handsome dudes. I am lucky.

2. Oh Nicky. This boy could live in his bike helmet! We've been biking together as a family, with the boys attached to Brian's bike in a bike trailer, and their heads adorably bobbing next to one another in their helmets. Those moments have been my favorite of the past several weeks.

3. Hurricane Rainier has hit the Byersdorf home. Dumping out the contents of every drawer or bin around, smashing block towers like it's his job, breaking his first plate and having it shatter all over the floor - the fun begins! And my eyes are never off of this crawling, sometimes-walking, crazyman.

4. Brian and his mini me. Also, Rainer turns 1 next week. ONE. Insert tears here.

5. Sunshine, you guys! Whenever it's been above 50 degrees, we've found a way to get out. Rainier eats a lot of grass but it's usually really fun.

6. Somehow, Nicholas grew up in the past few weeks. Me and Brian keep looking at each other and wondering when this creative, funny, smart little guy became a little boy, and not just a toddler. He's full-blown THREE, in every wonderful, slightly terrifying and aggravating, sense of the word.

7. Moms, mark your calendars for 11:00am CST on May 2nd! I am so excited about the Thrive Moms "Chosen" Spring Retreat. This past month has been full of preparing, and I think this is really going to be a blessing to you. It's free, it's all online, and we get to soak up wisdom and inspiration from seasoned moms who want to help us walk in the truth that we are chosen daughters of a really loving Father. We've also got an amazing devotional and prayer journal - check it out!

8. My first time at Chick-Fil-A, because now there are three in the state of Washington! Nicholas loved the cow, the food was seriously good, and we had a blast going with the Reyes Family.

9. Proof that my blog isn't the only thing being neglected -- this was my kitchen today. You'd disown me as a friend if you saw my bedroom. This is real life, baby! 

Thanks for sticking with me, friends. Here's to another slightly crazy month, to enjoying my boys, to probably still a messy house, and to hopefully blogging a little bit more often.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

From Good to Grace :: An Interview with Author Christine Hoover (And Instagram Giveaway!)

Hop on over to my Instagram account today to win a copy of From Good to Grace by Christine Hoover! (Click here.) Below is an interview with Christine about the book!


Last week I shared with you guys that I've gained some pretty major victory in my life, in that I'm letting go of trying to be so good all the time. And what I mean by "good" is that I've been trying to work my butt off to earn a gold star from God, from my peers, my family, and my own weird standards. And it's been EXHAUSTING. And unnecessary - because Jesus was already all the good I ever needed to be; He was perfect, in fact.

One of the major tools that the Lord has used in my life the past few weeks has been Christine Hoover's book, From Good to Grace. I am CRAZY lucky to be internet friends with Christine, :) she is a woman who has doused my heart with life-giving truth over and over again. And this book, OH THIS BOOK you guys! Whether you're married, a mom, single, a grandma, no kids, ten kids - this book is for you. It's like Christine is reading my thoughts, as she describes her personal struggles with approval and her exhausting pursuit of earning God's "I'm pleased with you." But then she goes so much further than just admitting her struggles; she brings us into the freedom that God has given her, and offers it to us, too. This isn't a self help book - it really is about the Gospel. And the truth that Christine speaks of, in no exaggerating terms, has changed my heart and my life. So I'm incredibly excited to share a short interview with Christine about From Good to Grace, as well as hosting a giveaway of the book on my Instagram account! 
Christine, why did you write From Good to Grace? Could you give me a little snapshot of the book's concept?

This book was written on my heart through many years of wrestling with spiritual perfectionism. For so long I attempted to be good for God -- which is what I term the "goodness gospel" -- but then He taught me about His grace and that changed everything. I want other women to experience the same freedom and joy, the abundant life Jesus promised us yet so eludes so many of us because we live according to the goodness gospel.

The premise of the book, after debunking the goodness gospel of course, is that the Christian life is received from start to finish. Just as we receive our salvation by faith, we grow and are sanctified by faith, not through self-effort. We receive God's love and grace and it compels us to respond.

Is there a specific woman that you had in mind while you were writing this book?

I've found that many Christian women are deeply entangled in the bondage of "not good enough." They live their lives solely based upon what others are saying and the loud voices of expectations in their heads. These voices correspond closely with cultural messages of "do more, try harder," and "be the chance you want to see." They've infiltrated our churches and have confused the simplicity and beauty of the gospel of Jesus. I wrote this book for those women, the ones who don't even know they are living by the goodness gospel, but feel the effects of it: the comparison, competition, division, people-pleasing, isolation, self-condemnation, and guilt. They are the ones who felt like I did: unloved by God and certain that they'll never be enough or do enough for Him.

How has going from "good to grace" changed you as a wife, mom, friend, and minister of the Gospel?

Going from good to grace has changed everything for me. Everything. 
When God began to reveal His grace and my lack of understanding of it, we were about a year into my husband’s first full-time ministry position. I felt like a failure as a pastor’s wife, and we’d just begun! I tried to be like pastor’s wives I admired but felt inadequate. I looked for validation and approval from those we were serving, but the little I got was not enough for me. I tried so very hard. At the same time, I didn’t want to go to God for help or anything really, because I was so sure He would tell me all the ways I was failing Him and all the things I needed to do better. 

When He began to change my heart and mind, He did it through the book of Galatians. As I read through that book, I realized that what matters to God is faith, not my behaviors. I was using my role as a pastor’s wife to try to get Him (and others) to love me. In fact, He already did love me. He had all along. Not only did He love me, but He delighted in me. Once that really settled in my heart, I saw ministry so differently. Ministry is an opportunity to worship and love the One who already loves me. I can serve using my unique gifts and personalities without needing validation or approval. As Henri Nouwen says, “You have to listen to the voice that calls you the beloved, because otherwise you will run around begging for affirmation, for praise, for success. And then you’re not free.” That had been me, but after learning how to receive and respond to God’s love for me, His grace for me, I have experienced freedom in ministry.

When women read this book, and finish that last page, what do you hope they ultimately walk away with?

I hope it sticks that God willingly takes responsibility for both our salvation and our sanctification, because that really takes the pressure off. I hope that when they think they’re not “good enough”, they’ll immediately think “But God . . .” We see that in Ephesians 2:6: “But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead trespasses [not good enough] made us alive together with Christ--by grace we have been saved.” Mostly, I hope those who have struggled to comprehend that they’re loved by God will stop stiff-arming Him out of fear and finally receive what they most desire.

Christine Hoover (@christinehoover) is the author of The Church Planting Wife and From Good to Grace. She is a recovering perfectionist, the wife of a pastor, and a mom of three boys. You can find her online on her blog, Grace Covers Me, and on Desiring God, Send Network, or iBelieve. 

Purchase your copy today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, or iTunes and discover the gospel’s reach in your own life.


You guys, isn't this amazing? Head over to my Instagram page to enter my giveaway, or click on the just links above to find Christine's book. 

Thank you to Christine, and to Baker Publishing Group for providing a free book to me, and also to one winner from my Instagram giveaway.