Monday, October 20, 2014

on logging the miles with my feet (day 15)

I keep feeling this downward tug, like the Lord is actually grabbing my eyeballs and turning them towards my feet. 
Where am I walking?
What are my surroundings?

(Right this minute my feet are folded under me as I've got one kid on my lap and the other one sitting next to me as we watch morning cartoons.)

I might be the broken record, but I can't shake this feeling of God wanting me to really be PRESENT where He's placed me, not chasing other ideals but saying "yes" to Him where my feet actually are. Not in an effort to turn further inward, but to recognize that God has given me several areas where He wants to actively use me. I can either say these places aren't enough, or I can obey God and own what He's calling me to.

My always messy apartment, my city streets, the community center where my church meets, in the homes of my friends, at the coffee shops, and if the internet was a physical place ;) - this is where my feet are. This is where I feel God asking me to log the miles. I, in myself, am not going to transform these areas - but God, who loves including us in His plans, wants to transform these places. And I get to join Him.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

city target and doing the new things (day 14)

Today the boys and I braved City Target. (Seattle's Target that is geared towards city-dwellers, so there's no lawn furniture, for example, because that aren't many lawns in the city.)

I say "braved" because
1. Anytime I shop alone with both kids I feel like a warrior armed with an Ergo instead of a cape
2. New experiences, especially ones involving driving in downtown Seattle and a Target with multiple floors and pay stations for parking - they tend to make me all flustered and sweaty and psyched out.

You'd think with all of the traveling and moving I've done I'd be a pro at new/unknown/adventure. Nope. All I see is a million moving parts and too many variables that I can't control. Even in my six minute drive to Target. (I might be a little psycho?)

In the last few weeks I've come to realize that sometimes settling into your season means trying new things. If I want to make this city "mine," I gotta go to the Target. If I want to deepen my community, I've got to go to the new moms group. Whatever it is you're trying to settle into, sometimes you just gotta be brave and try the new thing.

And I find this slightly funny because I've talked a few times about not "chasing new things" in order to stay focused on what God has called me to. But like someone wiser than me says (I think Matt Chandler?), two things can be true at the same time. So as I seek to obey God's nudge to give into this current season of life He's placed me in, some days I'm gonna have to brave the new. And it will be worth it. Because I'll probably get more out of doing than than just a pair of cute socks, a lipstick and a new candle.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

you gotta actually do it (day 13)

You guys, this 31 day series is kicking my butt. When you write for several weeks on "saying yes to Jesus in your current season of life" - well, you have to actually say yes to Him. I'm not going to write about something I'm not willing to actually do. This means that I'm digging deep into my heart and seeking God's voice, and then having to actually act on that. Hence my butt being kicked. This is hard. Good, but hard.

When the Lord first spoke this idea of settling, there were two main areas that I felt Him challenging me in the most:
- My family
- My community

Both these areas are not online. I can't just post a picture and some nice words and then walk away. These are areas where things could get messy, where there are people really counting on me, where the stakes feel HIGH.

I'm excited, scared, and straight up desperate for God to move in my heart. I know that if I really want to settle into my family, and settle into our community, I'm going to have to take action. It's going to mean stepping out, being "inconvenienced," changing up my routines. There's a nervous side of me, but there's another side of me that feels the Lord practically shouting. "MACKENZIE, IT'S ABOUT TIME! Let's do this, girlfriend. What have you got to lose - maybe besides your comfort and your pride?" (Yup, in my head Jesus calls me "girlfriend.")t

A lot of what this will look like won't translate online, and I'm ok with that. I'm not taking this challenge so that everyone can like my pictures and online high five me; I'm doing this because I feel the fear of the Lord, that I need to obey Him. But I'm going to share what I can, longer even than these 31 days, because I don't think I'm alone in feeling the Lord's nudge (more like, shove) to get real about acting on the things He's saying to do. So. Here. We. Go.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

expect Him in the small moments (day 12)

I'm learning that saying yes to God often looks like digging into the small moments.
Recognizing His presence, posturing our hearts to hear His voice, and then obeying. These unseen moments, we have so many of them throughout the day (maybe unless you're a reality TV star?).

You might be walking from one class to another discussing homework with a classmate; maybe you're chatting with the cashier at the supermarket; or maybe you're making muffins with your favorite toddler while he wriggles and splats half the batter onto the counter. Whatever small moments fill your days in this season - let's expect Jesus there. He ordained those moments, after all. Let's not wait for the moments where others can see us - though I am oh so tempted to find my approval and worth from those moments.

These little moments are often where we live out our callings, as non-flashy as they may seem. Let's dig deep, expect Him, and see what He does as we say yes.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

women who are saying yes: nadine (day 11)

I have learned a lot from this gal, Nadine. In the last 2 years I've watched as she's experience so much change - new jobs, moving neighborhoods, new roommates, going back to school...just to name a few. I know it hasn't all been easy. But you know what I've seen, through all the new?

Nadine has been so committed to looking up at Christ, clinging to Him as her constant. And because He's been her constant, I've seen her dive in to life around her in some meaningful ways.

She hasn't waited for "things to settle down" - she's just said yes to what God has asked her to do. She does the hard, beautiful, worth it work of making Jesus her Lord. She hasn't been feebly trying to grasp onto steady circumstances, but instead she's been boldly grasping onto Him. 

I want to follow what Nadine has modeled. I want to seek Christ to be my anchor. And as He anchors me to Him, I can follow Him wherever He leads, instead of being swept away by the waves of change or uncertainty. I can say yes to Him, in the middle of continual crazy, because He never changes.

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